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Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Mar 22, 2018
76ers vs. Magic
212½ -100
in 18h

The NBA Comp Play is on the over in the Philadelphia at Orlando game at 7:05 eastern. This game fits  a solid totals system that has hit 80% long term and plays over for road favorites like the Sixers with no rest and a 200 or higher total if they were a home favorite of 10 or more last night and their opponent scored 90 or less as a home dog last out. In the series these two have played over 4 straight an the Magic are 4 of 5 over vs winning teams. The Sixers are 4 of 4 over vs losing team and 20 of 28 vs a team with a losing home record.. Look for this game to play over the total. On Thursday we have a Pair of sweet 16 Power System Plays and a Rare 6* NBA Top Play with a perfect system and 2 big indicators.  jump on and put the power of these Plays on Your Side. For the NBA Comp Play. Take Philadelphia and Orlando to play over the total. RV- GC Sports.

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Mar 21, 2018
Clippers vs Bucks
-5 -105 at pinnacle
Play Type: Premium

The NBA Power System play is on Milwaukee. Game 760 at 8:05 eastern. The Bucks have rest and are off a tough loss in Cleveland so they should bounce back nice here against a Clippers team with no rest off a road loss last night. In fact the Clippers are 0-3 ats as a road dog with no rest off a road game. League wide road dogs with no rest off a road dog loss and failed cover if they scored 100 or more and allowed 120 or more. These road teams lose by an average 107-89 score. Look for the Bucks to cover.

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Mar 21, 2018
Wizards vs Spurs
OVER 203½ -105 Lost
Play Type: Premium

The NBA Totals Play is on the over in the Washington at San Antonio game. Rotation numbers 763/764 at 9:35 eastern. This game fits the solid system below that plays over for road dogs with 3+ days rest and a 200 or higher total that won and covered and scored 90 or more vs an opponent also off a home win and cover that had 15 or less turnovers. These teams as seen below have gone over 13 of 14 times since 1995 and 100% in non conference games. In the series these two have gone over in 3 straight and the Spurs are 5 of 6 over at home after scoring 90 or less in a home game last out. Look for this game to play over the total.



Feb 11, 1997recapTue1996SunsTrailblazersaway108-1115&65.5202.5-32.516.59.57.0LWOFalse

Jan 04, 2000recapTue1999NetsPacersaway111-1164&410.0200.0-

Mar 04, 2003recapTue2002PacersWarriorsaway100-1073&23.0205.5-7-4.01.5-1.22.8LLO0

Jan 09, 2004recapFri2003GrizzliesSupersonicsaway116-1225&14.5202.0-6-1.536.017.218.8LLO0

May 08, 2006recapMon2005ClippersSunsaway123-1306&15.5208.0-7-1.545.021.823.2LLO0

Jan 04, 2007recapThu2006LakersKingsaway132-1283&15.0207.

Nov 10, 2009recapTue2009RocketsMavericksaway103-1213&26.5200.5-18-11.523.56.017.5LLO0

Mar 20, 2011recapSun2010JazzRocketsaway108-1103&17.5209.0-

Mar 27, 2011recapSun2010RocketsHeataway119-1253&18.0209.0-

Mar 30, 2011recapWed2010PistonsPacersaway101-1113&17.0201.0-10-

Feb 23, 2017recapThu2016ClippersWarriorsaway113-1237&712.5230.5-

Feb 24, 2017recapFri2016SunsBullsaway121-1288&75.5219.0-7-1.530.014.215.8LLO1

Apr 16, 2017recapSun2016BullsCelticsaway106-1023&37.0206.5411.01.56.2-4.8WWO0

Nov 28, 2017recapTue2017NuggetsJazzaway77-1063&22.0205.5-29-27.0-22.5-24.82.2LLU0

Mar 21, 2018recapWed2017WizardsSpursaway3&1204

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-B  |  Mar 21, 2018
Illinois-Chicago vs Austin Peay
Austin Peay
-4 -110 at 5Dimes
Play Type: Premium

The College Insider tournament play is on Austin Peay. Game 770 at 8:00 eastern. Austin Peay has a big RPI scale edge here as they are 12-0 vs teams like ILL. Chicago that rank worse than 200. Chicago is 1-6 vs teams ranked 100 to 200. Austin Peay has covered 7 straight on Hump day and the last times facing Horizon League teams. They are 6-1 to the spread vs Non conference opponents. Chicago has failed to cover 6 of 7 off  a win of 20 or more and 10 of 13 vs winning teams as well as 8 of 111 vs non conference opponents. Play on Austin Peay


Rob Vinciletti is one of the top analysts in the World over the last 24 years. He is Right at or near the top in Every Major sport. Rob leaves no stone unturned, every game on the board is thoroughly analyzed. A tremendous amount of time is taken handicapping the games, utilizing many factors to determine the outcomes. The combination of time backed technical systems with situational and fundamental idealogies provide a clear cut advantage. After analyzing all of the day's data, he then turns to powerful offshore information to put it all together. Rob has solid offshore contacts who provide information on where the sharp money is going. Rob also Uses Database Systems and Simulations that simply arent available anywhere else. The combination of solid capping and offshore steam, together with superior money management make for solid investments. These selections can be wagered on with confidence. If you are tired of all the usual promises and service hype and want to play with a reputable source, now is the time to jump on and see the difference.